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"Each episode is like having coffee with a subject matter expert in a different arena, and the interviews are short enough to enjoy as you sip a cup of coffee, but long enough to have depth."
9 Professional Development Resources for Entrepreneurs - February 25, 2016
"The Business, Life, and Coffee Podcast hosted by Joey Price, CEO of Jumpstart HR, speaks with Kim Christfort, National Managing Director of The Deloitte Greenhouse Experience team. Kim shares her insights on Deloitte’s newly published research, Business Chemistry in the C-suite. They also discuss how Business Chemistry can help forge stronger working relationships and how leaders can accomplish more with diverse teams. "
Business, Life, and Coffee podcast, “The Four Personality Types That Dominate The C-Suite
Deloitte Business Chemistry Blog - April 10, 2017
"I regularly enjoy Business, Life, and Coffee with Joey Price. That podcast takes an open discussion approach to unique perspectives on building and managing businesses by hearing it first hand from successful entrepreneurs. It allows the focus to shift to the strength of the entrepreneur being interviewed, and you really get value from that individual. – Michael Spinosa, Unleashed Technologies"
Better Than Coffee: 14 Podcasts That Will Inspire Your Mornings - February 22, 2017
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