133 - Little Guy in a Fat Van: The Life of a True Modern-Day Digital Nomad

March 06, 2018 1 min read


“Fear masks itself as common sense all the time”

- Kyle Kesterson

Meet Kyle Kesterson, a nomadic serial entrepreneur on a spiritual journey. Three years ago, he combined his sense of efficiency, yearning for conservation, search for mindfulness, and an awesome van into a fascinating, inspirational adventure!


Led by the notion of self-improvement, taking life one day at a time, Kyle shares with us his stories from the road, his values and his philosophy. We discussed the benefits of living life outside of your comfort zone, the necessity of fighting negative self-talk and the wisdom of taking a single, deep breath.


He also has one of the cutest sidekicks of all time - Bean, the Border Terrier.

Check Kyle out on Instagram and at his new site www.getyourownkyle.com.


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