161 - What is Microlearning and How Can Your Company Culture Benefit From It? Ft. Isaac Tolpin

September 18, 2018 1 min read


This week we’re joined by Isaac Tolpin, a microlearning expert and Co-Founder of ConveYour, the #1 microlearning software company. As a self-proclaimed EdTech disruptor, he has a unique understanding of how to craft and drive forward the right organizational culture that engages, retains, and boosts employee performance. A proud father of 7, Isaac is looking to distance himself from the world’s definition of success and aspires to make a real difference.

Our topics include:

    Three things you need to know about microlearning. What can we do to retain people’s attention in today’s fast-track world? The guiding principles that drove Isaac to come up with the idea of ConveYour? The advantages of learning through a text-messaging system. What is currently going on in the world of EdTech? What helps drive a company’s culture forward?

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