64 - Is Intrapreneurship the New Win-Win for Corporate Innovation and Employee Retention?

December 17, 2016 1 min read


About This Episode:

Fostering “spark moments” of innovation can be one of the most significant challenges for large corporations, and a common impediment to long-term success.


Corporate intrapreneurship has spurred some of the most innovative companies and products, but is still considered more of a fancy term than realized innovation. Of late, many leading companies are jumping into a new wave of intrapreneurship in the form of internal startup models, with a goal to unearth existing IP that have potential for market success.


On this episode, K.P. Reddy, Co-Founder and Partner of The Combine shares:


o    The process behind corporate intrapreneurship

o    Who and what The Combine is

o    How a “Go Team” approach to corporate innovation inspires

o    The 5 new companies created by corporate intrapreneurship


 About K.P.:


K.P. Reddy is a venture capitalist, angel investor, and AEC expert with over 20 years of experience in disruptive innovation. He serves as Partner at The Combine. The Combine partners with enterprise organizations and technical founders to convert their promising intellectual property into viable, scalable businesses. He is a globally-recognized expert on advanced technologies including Building Information Modeling (BIM), Collaborative Communication, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile Applications and Cloud computing. Currently K.P. is the CEO of SoftWear Automation Inc, a leading developer of robotic sewing automation that promises to drive down the cost of apparel and textile manufacturing while increasing quality and speed to market for retailers.

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