66 - Why Most Fitness Resolutions Don't Work - And What to Do Instead

December 30, 2016 1 min read


About this Episode:

If you’re like many people, the new year signals new starts. But after many weeks, resolutions often get broken and we’re back to square one.  So why not get a jump on your fitness and wellness goals before the new year begins?  And for those whose good health intentions have already gone awry, there are some simple ways to get back on track.

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Know the importance of nutrition and protein in your diet?  Understand how diet and exercise play a key role in reaching your fitness and wellness goals?  Love a good challenge?!


Ben Leber, former Minnesota Vikings linebacker, has made health and fitness his priority for many years. On this episode, he talks about how to stay motivated and ways to stay on track in your fitness and wellness goals. Also, Lucas Duppler, Director of Nutrition at the Whey Protein Institute, discusses the importance of protein in a clean and balanced diet.


 Ben Leber

 Lucas Dubbler



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