98 -From 0 to 19 Houses in Three Years: Real Estate Investment Strategies w/Whitney Nicely

July 18, 2017 1 min read


From 0 to 19 Houses in Three Years: Real Estate Investment Strategies w/Whitney Nicely


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Segment One: Did you know 38 million residents renting apartments in America today, contributing $1.3 trillion annually to the U.S. economy? Guests: Stephanie Puryear Helling, President of the National Apartment Association Education Institute and Jeremy Lawson, Reputation Manager at Fogelman Management Group

Segment Two: Real Estate Investment Strategies with Whitney Nicely

Whitney Nicely went from no investments (or strategies) to 19 houses, 19 apartment units and 7 chunks of land in less than three years all bringing monthly money to her bank account on auto pilot.


She has traveled the United States speaking on stages, teaching her simple strategies, and meeting with other successful real estate investors- and still buying houses the way she teaches others.


Since 2016, Whitney has led and trained hundreds of future real estate rock stars to grow their portfolios, collect checks and achieve financial freedom. 100's of real estate newbies are securing leads, signing deals and scaling their dream incomes through Whitney's REI Rock Star Program.


Feel free to join Whitney's Facebook group to Become a Real Estate RockStar:




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