Ask a Venture Capitalist: Business Plans, Leadership Teams, M&A, and More

December 26, 2015 2 min read

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Every business needs capital to be stable - but what do you do when it’s time to acquire more money for your great idea and you need an investor? 
About Our Guest: 
Tallat Mahmood, Founder and Managing Partner of SkyPanther Capital. Tallat has executed M&A and capital raising transactions since 2005 with deal values up to $151m, and has worked on a number of cross-border transactions. Tallat has also worked as an investor with a venture capital and private equity fund, investing in early-stage and mid-market companies. He also represented investor interests at Board level.
Tallat is a mentor at the world’s largest startup accelerator, MassChallenge, and writes about fundraising and M&A activity for publications such as Forbes, Entrepreneur and TechCrunch. Tallat is also founder of Funding Your Tech Startup, which advises startups on starting, funding and growing their business.
Show Agenda:
Getting to Know All About VCs:
1) What should every business owner and potential business owner know about working with a VC?
2) Are there any common myths about VCs? What are they?
3) What do VC’s look for in founders and companies that let them know that the company is worth investing in?
4) Do you have any advice for someone considering VC funding? Are there alternatives?
The Truth of M&A Deals:
5) Can you explain the concept of buying a business and what takes place?
6) Why would an entrepreneur want to sell their business?
7) How can an entrepreneur prepare a business that’s attractive to buyers?
8) Tell us what defines a really successful transaction and an unsuccessful transaction?
9) Do you have any parting thoughts?  
Listeners can visit in order to download a free cheat sheet on how to build a powerful business plan to help with raising funding or exiting your business. Contact Tallat on
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