July 06, 2017 2 min read

Have you ever want to watch a video on YouTube and thought "oh no, this is too long!" Were you ever in a time crunch but wanted to learn from YouTube while cutting through the crap of long intros and filler information? I've been there and I think I've figured out the key. If you want to reach masterful levels of productivity while learning new skills on YouTube then this is the blog post you must read. 

The best thing you can do when watching YouTube videos is to speed up playback. Watching an online video on 1.5x or 2x speed has the following benefits:

It helps train your brain to focus.

When you're watching a video on 1.5x or 2x playback, you're legitimately forcing yourself to tune into what the person is saying. If you blink, you'll miss it! 

It trains your brain to process information at a quick pace.

Believe it or not, your brain works like a muscle. If you want to process information quickly then you need to put yourself in a position where you're being tasked with doing just that. Watching a video on double-time ensures you build up your ability to listen to - and figure out what's going on - when someone is talking at a really fast pace.

It allows you to watch more videos in less time.

It sort of goes without saying but if you can watch a 30-minute video in 15 minutes then you have extra time to either act on what you're learned or watch another video. Sure the voices might sound weird but you'll get used to that too!


Want to get some practice on watching videos on 1.5x or 2x speed? Press play on this video below and hit the subscribe button while you're at it. 




What was your Aha! moment as you read this post? How will you change your YoutTube watching as a result? Let us know in the comments below.